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Podcast 101: Choir member interview: Letty


Podcast 100: Tour to Bordeaux


Podcast 99: Ely Cathedral



Podcast 97: Mr Chairman


Podcast 96: Bitonality


Podcast 95: Looking forward


Podcast 94: Easter break


Podcast 93: Jonathan Dove interview


Podcast 92: Progress report


Podcaast 91: Jonathan Dove’s Sappho Sings



Podcast 89: Beethoven’s Mass in C


Podcast 88: Our Artist-in-Residence


Podcast 87: Mozart’s Symphony no. 35


Podcast 86: Choral Scholar Interview


Podcats 85: Germanic Latin pronunciation


Podcast 84: Bridget Hardy interview



Podcast 82: Mid-December


Podcast 81: Christmas build-up Part II


Podcast 80: Christmas build-up Part I


Podcast 79: Interview with Martin Herrick


Podcast 78: Mid-November


Podcast 77: Geoff Page


Podcast 76: Parry: View from the choir


Podcast 75: Choral Scholars and future plans


Podcast 74: Hubert Parry



Podcast 72: Choir-member hobbies: Gareth


Podcast 71: What does a conductor do?


Podcast 70: Welcome back!


Podcast 69: Looking backwards and forwards


Podcast 68: Jonathan Dove


Podcast 67: Hubert Parry


Podcast 66: Special guest interview


Podcast 65: Re-auditions


Podcast 64: Spanish tour


Podcast 63: Looking forward to Evensong


Podcast 62: The Dam Busters…


Podcast 61: Brahms


Podcast 60: Progress update


Podcast 59: Singing scrambled


Podcast 58: Summer term preview


Podcast 57: End of term


Podcast 56: Progress report


Podcast 55: Streetwise Opera


Podcast 54: The Chichester Psalms



Podcast 52: Latin pronunciation in the Duruflé Requiem


Podcast 51: The 2018 Treatt Fairhaven Singers Choral Scholars


Podcast 50: The Duruflé Requiem


Podcast 49: Interview with Paul Ashley


Podcast 48: Lent term preview



Podcast 46: The run-up to Christmas


Podcast 45: Rio de Janeiro


Podcast 44: Christmas programming


Podcast 43: November concert


Podcast 42: Ola Gjeilo premiere


Podcast 41: Choral Scholarship auditions


Podcast 40: Club 100


Podcast 39: One Tuesday in October


Podcast 38: Brahms Requiem analysis


Podcast 37: Singing from memory


Podcast 36: Markings


Podcast 35: Term preview


Podcast 34: End of summer term


Podcast 33: Kirtling concert


Podcast 32 : Fairhaven Singers auditions


Podcast 31: 2018 Tour recce


Podcast 30: Repertoire selection


Podcast 29: Tour to Garmisch Partenkirchen


Podcast 28: Finzi


Podcast 27: Acoustics


Podcast 26: The Organ Transplant Service


Podcast 25: Hugh’s clock


Podcast 24: Spoken vs Sung


Podcast 23: Summer Term


Podcast 22: End of term


Podcast 21: Fairhavens are not the only performers….


Podcast 20: Concert preparations


Podcast 19: The Fairhaven Singers Artist in Residence


Podcast 18: Our Glorious Leader


Podcast 17: MacMillan rehearsal extract


Podcast 16: Marlovians


Podcast 15: Sepura Fairhaven Singers Choral Scholars


Podcast 14: The Craig Miller interview


Podcast 13: The seminars


Podcast 12: 2016 in review


Podcast 11: Brought to you by the letter D


Podcast 10: The Friends Scheme interview


Podcast 9: The worst-planned podcast yet


Podcast 8: Interview with Cecilia McDowall


Podcast 7: Why we rehearse


Podcast 6: half term approaches


Podcast 5: the most random podcast yet


Podcast 4: collaboration with Perse Prep choir


Podcast 3: Rutter in rehearsal


Podcast 2: thoughts from a previous Chairman


Podcast 1: a night in the pub


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